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The Studebaker Speedster

After an initial run of just 20 cars built to be shown at the 1955 Auto Shows, Studebaker decided to put the model into regular production for the 1955 model year after they received such a positive response. Each car was well equipped and included V8 power, dual exhaust,  power steering, brakes and a Stuart-Warner 160 MPH speedometer. For the 1956 model year, the cars became part of the Hawk series and today, widely known as a flagship model for the orphaned Studebaker-Packard Corporation. Ultimately, 2215 Speedsters were built for the 1955 model year. 

Orphan Car Garage Consignment Program

Just want to leave it all to the experts? Our proven sales history will show that we are very experienced at selling your type of vehicle. We can take your vehicle from start to finish and write you the check. It's that simple. Message me for details! Our full consignment program includes....


  • Vehicle reconditioning

  • Vehicle evaluation

  • Past sales research for your make and model to provide a competitive and realistic selling price

  • Comprehensive photo shoot showing all aspects of the vehicle.

  • Vehicle listing in any and all available sites proven to sell vehicles like yours. 

  • Climate Controlled storage. 

  • No contracts to sign.

  • Fairly priced commissions. 

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