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The Edsel Corsair

The Edsel was introduced with much fanfare in 1957 as an all new 1958 division of the Ford Motor Company. Ford spent millions of dollars and several years of research before its new division's introduction. Edsel offered several models and body styles. The mid-range model was the Corsair and it placed above the budget-minded Ranger model and below the high end Citation. By 1959 Edsel knew it's place in history was coming and several models were dropped, including the Corsair. Owning a Corsair today, you'd be part of a very elite group. Drive one to any show or cruise night and I almost guarantee you'll have the only one there! 

I am a car guy.

My mother said I was into cars before I could walk. As a child I was obsessed with anything on wheels. My most memorable Christmas gift was a Jaguar peddle car from the Sears Wish Book. I was probably about 6 years old. I can still remember the day the axle broke and with it so did my heart.....Fast forward 7 years and at the age of 13 I purchased my first vintage car with paper route money, A 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible. That car was $150 and you would have thought I won the lottery. That car was eventually sold before I could even legally drive and was replaced with a 1966 Mustang. It was after I sold the Mustang that I realized my true love, the oddballs. I spotted an early model Chevy Corvair from the school bus window and it was love at first sight. The rest is history.


I have bought and sold more cars than I could count over the years, mostly oddball and orphan cars. About two years ago I decided to turn my passion into a business and I started Orphan Car Garage. I believe that anyone, even a 13 year old kid with a paper route and a passion for motor cars, should be able to make their dream a reality. Check out my site. Send me a message. Tell me your story. I'd love to hear it..

John Wingle of Orphan Car Garage in South Weymouth, Massachusetts
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